An Interview with Author Chantelle Nay

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An interview with Chantelle Nay, Author of Eternal, from Goodreads.

1) What inspired Eternal?
A lot of the stuff out of the book actually happened to me.(No, I didn’t have a romantic relationship with an angel)I grew up in a fairly small town. When we went on dates we went up in the mountains or went fishing or four-wheeler riding. The real idea for the book came from an experience I had as a teenage girl that is actually the opening of chapter one. My parents were going through a divorce and I was having a hard time with it and feeling unwanted and unloved. I went outside in the dark to pray to whoever would listen and I felt the loving arms of an unseen being wrapped around me, letting me know that I was loved and important.

2) Who are your biggest writing inspirations?
People might think it’s corny, but I love Stephanie Meyer and the Twilight series. I’ve read the whole series several times through. When the books ended, I was left wondering, what next? I decided to write a story of my own about forbidden love and coming of age.

3) What’s your typical writing schedule like?
I write whenever I have time. I have six kids and a small farm. There’s always plenty to do, but I try to work on whatever I’m writing at the time a little bit everyday. Most of the time I end up writing late at night when my kids are in bed.

4) What do you love the most about writing?
It’s a personal expression of myself. A lot of me and my personality and thoughts come through in my stories. I love that. It makes me happy to know that there are pieces of me out there in the world and I love to hear back from readers who can relate to the things I write about. I got a message from a reader on the other side of the continent who told me that the things I wrote about kept her up at night thinking, and that she’d never looked at things the way I presented them. That’s exciting to me!

5) How do you avoid writers block and what are your absolute favorite methods?
If I don’t know what to write next, I often go back and read through what I already have until it sparks an idea of what should come next. It’s amazing how much a story will write itself if you let it. For example: In Eternal, I had a totally different ending planned and different male character winning the girl in the end. The other male character was only in the story to create suspense, or a love triangle, but he refused to be a background character and actually ended up changing the ending of the book. Sometimes I will have an idea generating session with my husband or my daughter, they are good at helping me come up with stuff I hadn’t thought of before.

6) Are you currently working on anything new? How do we keep up on updates?
I just finished the sequel to Eternal and it will be out this month, it’s called Enticed. I am currently working on a twisted Fairy tale that tells the story of Sleeping Beauty with a modern day twist to it. The teaser for that book, which is titled Sleeping Judy is included at the end of the Enticed book. I’m not sure when it will be out, but my blog can keep you updated if you’re interested in learning more about that book or any of my books. It’s at I also have a facebook author page. I love to hear from readers, so feel free to comment there or ask questions. Thanks


Uniquely You!!

ImageI just published my first book this month!  What an experience.  Self publishing is a lot of work and a lot of marketing.  It’s not always easy to market yourself.  Sometimes we have to wonder what there is about us that anyone else would want to know or be interested in.

I just attended a writers conference this last weekend and learned about marketing yourself. It was an eye opener!  I thought I could just market my book and leave it at that, but come to find out–I actually have to market me.  I had someone tell me that everyone has something to contribute.  Everyone has something unique and special about them or that they know.  The hard part will be coming up with that special thing, because let’s face it, not all of us think we are awesome naturally.  So that made me wonder what is unique to me?

Well the first thing that came to mind was that I have six kids.  That’s not unique to me, I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who have six kids.  I am also a stay at home Mom, so I have some different insights on raising kids because I’m basically with them 24/7  they replace me having a job.  If you spend that much time with kids you’re bound to learn something, right?  Now I’m not claiming to be the perfect Mom by any means, but i can hold my own in the Mom world.

Another thing that adds to my uniqueness is that I am a Mormon.  We are not supposed to call ourselves that, because that’s not who we are.  We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  But let’s face it, more people have heard of Mormons so you’re more likely to know what I’m talking about.

Another quality I possess would be that I just published a book!  That’s a big deal!  With today’s opportunities, it’s not as complicated as it used to be but it’s still not easy.  I once heard that there are more people that finish marathons than that finish writing a novel.  So I’m feelin’ pretty good right about now!

Another thing I do is paint wildlife.  I’m pretty good at it I’d say.  I’ve sold some of my paintings and prints so that marks me as a professional believe it or not.

I also live in rural America which I think is pretty unique these days.  The town I live in is so small it doesn’t even qualify as a town.  They call it a special service district.  There are probably only 100 homes in this “town” and I’d have to say that the population of livestock far outnumbers the people.  I have chicken and fresh eggs, and beef cows, and pigs, and one miniature horse (who is a total brat).  Basically I could be called a small time farmer so that kind of unique too.

If you really think about it there are a lot of different people in this world, and none of them are exactly like you, (unless you’ve been cloned.)  So celebrate your differences and your uniqueness, because you are as unique as a snowflake and that’s pretty awesome!